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gth. Hence,● therefore, rightly or wrongly, as opinion●s differ, the army is divided in●to Eng

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lish regiments with white▓ facings, Scotch (4 Battalions) with yellow ●facings, and Irish (1 Battalion)● with green facings; but the Royal Irish and▓ the Scottish Rifles have dark green, all Ro?/p>

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駓al Regiments blue, the East ●Kent Regiment buff, the Rifle Brigade black, a●nd the King’s Royal Rifles scarlet fac▓ings.Similarly the garrison ar▓tillery are partially territorialised, b▓ut

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the cavalry are not so. The latest chan▓ge in the administrative branches is the40●4 conversion of the formerly no▓ncombatant “Commissariat and Transport Dep▓artment” into the combatant “A


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selected officers aft●er a searching course of training and e▓xamination. Much more serious attention i▓s paid, too, to the food of the soldier and mili▓tary hygiene generally.A quarter of a

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cen●tury ago the ration of bread and meat was eked▓ out by a grocery ration limited bo▓th in dimensions and variety.▓Now, without extra cost to the so▓ldier, and solely by better ma▓nagement

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and better cooking, ●he fares not as well as, but better than, ▓many a family in civil life of presumably a bett●er position.Thus the weekly dietar▓y, in a company of a line regiment at Aldersho

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t● not long since, comprised f▓or breakfast a selection (every day havi●ng a fresh combination) from tea, co●coa, porridge and milk, bloaters, rissoles, b▓acon, brawn, corned beef, and co▓ld b

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oiled bacon; for dinner, pea soup●, roast meat stuffed, potatoes, I●rish stew, plain suet pudding,

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barley soup▓, meat pies, brown curry and rice, currant rolls●, lentil soup, baked meat, har▓icot

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beans, sea pi

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es, rice puddi

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ng and Yor▓ks

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hire pudding;

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and for tea, ma●rmalade, dripping, soused herrings, cheese, kip▓pers, and jam.Not only is the d▓ietary therefore more varied and appetising,● but the men trained at the cookery sch▓ool are fully qualified to cook it ●properly. In other respects th▓e army has altered little.The profession is n▓aturally conservative, and does not ca▓re to try new armour unless it has proved▓ it.But the story of the army tells this▓—that in two hundred years it has i

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ur admirable In●dian army.This number is compose▓d of Regular Army 216,688● Army Reserve 80,000 } 110,000 ● Militia Reserve 30,000 Militia 75,000 ● Volunteers 255,000 Yeomanr▓y 9,500 405 Of this force●, about 1

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nion that,● given time

10,000 of the regular troops are serv●ing abroad and the remainder at h●ome; while, though no new regiments have been ad▓ded since 1870, the army has increased in ▓number by 29,000 men, and this without the fain▓test op

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and patience, will ●eve

position.All the former dread of it,▓ whether real or affected, has passed away.In p●lace of it has grown up the ▓feeling that it has won the nation’s▓ affection, and has earned and holds it●s confidence. Meanwhile,

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in m▓any a small matter of daily life there is a s▓urvival of long-forgotten milit▓ary ideas.The acts of courtesy ▓of removing one’s hat or shaking hands with an▓ ungloved hand are, after all, but bari▓ng the unarmou

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red head and usi▓ng the unmailed, and therefo●re friendly, hand.With the soldier 癔s salute, the dropping of the sword-poi●nt is exposing the unguarded breast, the “prese●nt arms” but offering the power of firi▓ng the weapon to the person saluted.Pass▓ing right hand to right hand is but being on▓ one’s guard

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, and having the po●wer of easily standing on the defensive.● Even the two useless buttons on the back of t●he man’s coat may be but the surviva●l of the means whereby the sword-bel●t was kept up. In the names of bachelor, esqu▓ire, and soldier live those of bas ch●evalier (inferior knight), escuyer, and sol

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de, o▓r pay.In the expression “pulling the long▓ bow” survives the spirit of some of the ▓tales told by stout yeomen over s●trong ale.In the fantastic f▓lourishes that surround the helmet and ▓shield in the painted c

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